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Best Time to Visit Doodhpathri Kashmir

Doodhpathri is an off-beat destination in Kashmir which is slowly gaining tourists’ notice. Located at a distance of around 40 km from Srinagar and at an altitude of 9000 ft, Doodhpathri has cold weather throughout the year and a very inviting landscape. Tourists prefer the area for its pristine snowfall and its less chaotic nature.

Best time to visit Doodhpathri Kashmir

If you are planning to visit Doodhpathri and are not sure which month you should choose for your visit, this blog gives you a short guide on the best time to visit doodhpathri kashmir India and which month would be perfect for your travel.

April to June and September are considered the best months to travel to Doodhpathri comfortably. The weather is very pleasant and the tourist areas are all open. The roads to travel to Doodhpathri are accessible in these months.

However, winter falls beautifully in Doodhpathri. Due to less footfall, the snow is not cleared away and you can witness untouched snow covering the whole landscape like a cake. Tourists choose winter to visit Doodhpathri to enjoy the quietude and untouched snow.

You might want to avoid the monsoon months of July and August as you might be unable to enjoy the outdoors in these months. Though, if you prefer rain, few places besides Doodhpathri have such beautiful rain.

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