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How Difficult is Friendship Peak Trek

The Friendship peak, which towers at a height of 5,289 meters in the Pir Panjal range in Himachal Pradesh, is one of the most well-known trekking summits in the Indian Himalayan area. It is a trekker's paradise. From the top, one can take in the panoramic view of the Pir Panjal range set against the Great Himalayan and Dhauladhar mountain ranges' silver horizons. One of Himachal Pradesh's most difficult hikes is the Friendship Peak Trek, so anyone planning to hike here should have a lot of experience climbing steep mountains. This is detailed blog which touches upon the topic how difficult is friendship peak trek along with other relevant information regarding the trek.

Where is Friendship Peak Trek?

In order to get to Friendship Peak in the Beas Kund region, one must travel through glaciers, rocky moraines, lush green valleys, and woodland. The journey to Friendship Peak starts in the Solang-Nalla Valley and travels via Bakarthach after a series of exhilarating ascents and descents. With enough stamina and the right instruction, even the average person can try the peak, which is regarded as one of the easiest climbs in the Himachal Pradesh mountains.

The seven sisters, Hanuman Tibba, Indrasan, Deo Tibba, and Priyadarshani are all close to the summit.

IMF has designated and categorized this mountain as a trekking peak. Due to this categorization, it is appropriate for and available to physically fit trekkers without prior climbing or mountaineering training or experience. However, before undertaking this summit journey, one must have completed high-altitude treks, and extreme stamina and endurance are required.

Cost of Friendship Peak Trek

The price per individual for the Friendship Peak Trek is 35,000 INR. This includes your camping and technical necessities, such as equipment, a canvas, and sleeping bags. Your food and travel expenses, as well as those of Cliffhangers India's mountaineering and technical personnel, are included in the price of the friendship peak.

How Difficult is Friendship Peak Trek

A challenging summit climb is the Friendship Peak trek. Even though they are healthy novices, it is not advised for them. Only those who are physically fit and have experience with high-altitude trekking should attempt this summit journey. The more previous and longer journeys, the better. However, technical expertise or prior mountaineering training are not prerequisites.

The treacherous ascent to the summit of Friendship Peak, the snow walks through the moraines, and the elevation increase all contribute to the trek's difficulty.

The technical staff at Cliffhangers India will provide you with the fundamental knowledge you need for this trekking summit.

You will be taught and required to practice skills like using an ice axe, roping up and forging the treacherous terrain, walking on snow in high boots, etc. to reach the peak of the trek.

Can a Person plan a solo trek?

Soloing the Friendship Peak climb is not advised. One must go on this summit journey with an expert mountaineering and trekking company because it is challenging and requires ascending some challenging climbs. It is not advisable to hike to Friendship Peak alone because the weather in this area is quite unpredictable and can be very harsh even on typical days.

Things to know before planning a Trek

  • Take enough time to acclimatize to high altitudes because the climatic circumstances differ from those in the plains.

  • In the event of emergencies or natural disasters, the management retains the right to alter the trek.

  • To appreciate a secure trek, pay attention to the instructors and trek guides.

  • Avoid drinking booze or using any other intoxicants while hiking.

  • Conservation is valued because water is so valuable.

  • Encouragement of night-time trekking should only happen if a guide is with you and it is part of the schedule to avoid unplanned mishaps.

  • Avoid wearing earbuds on the hike; doing so could make you less audible.

  • Maintain the locations' ecological balance by not using plastic bags.

  • The temperature affects every activity.

  • The essence of camping is very simple. You shouldn't count on luxury.

  • Mobile and laptop recharge stations may or may not be located at a central location on campsites.

  • Bring dry meals and snacks from home. (you will save a lot of money). Bring reusable water flasks with you so you can rehydrate.

  • Keep your baggage to a minimum because more luggage means more trouble.

  • Before starting the hike, consult a doctor. While on the Friendship Peak Trek, bring a first aid kit and some simple medications.

  • It is advised to bring enough warm clothing and appropriate footwear for the Friendship Peak Trek.

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