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How Difficult is Tarsar Marsar Trek

The Tarsar Marsar Trek is one of the most famous summer treks in India. It is an amazing trekking route, with a wide range of incredible scenery, including three mesmerizing alpine lakes, lush meadows, alpine rivers, and a range of snow-capped peaks. The trek itself is relatively straightforward, making it suitable for trekkers of all levels of experience. The best time to plan a trip to the Tarsar Marsar Trek is between August and mid-October.

Today, we'll be exploring the difficulty of the trek. Cliffhangers India will outline the challenging factors, such as the altitude and number of miles, so that those planning on doing this trek can be aware of what is ahead of them and how to best prepare.

How Difficult is Tarsar Marsar Trek

Tarsar Marsar is generally considered to be an easier trek compared to other treks in the Himalayas.

On average, you will only be walking around 5 km each day on this trek. This is a very short distance compared to what is usual in a Himalayan trek. The first and last day of your journey will have a longer distance to cover, with the first day being 10 km from #Aru to #Lidderwat. You only need to ascend about 1,000 feet along this stretch, so you don't need to be concerned. The walk through the valley is very enjoyable, with the Lidder river flowing alongside you.

The Tarsar Marsar trek is perfect for those who want to take in the beauty of Kashmir. This hike is relatively easy and covers a total distance of 40 km over 6 days, making it a comfortable undertaking. On this journey, you’ll be treated to stunning alpine meadows, vibrant lakes, a mesmerizing mountain pass, magnificent valleys, and incredible mountains.

How to reach Tarsar Marsar Lakes?

After arriving at Srinagar Airport, you will need to take a 2-hour drive to Aru, passing through the well-known tourist destination of Pahalgam. Once in Aru, you will be 12 km away from the start of the Tarsar Marsar trek. Alternatively, if you choose to travel by train, the nearest railway station is Jammu, located 260 km away and running direct services from Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Trivandrum. Buses from Jammu & Kashmir Road Transport also run to Srinagar and the journey takes around 10 hours.

How long is Tarsar Marsar Trek?

The Tarsar Marsar trek is a 48 km long journey that starts in Aru village of the Kashmir Valley, around 94 km away from Srinagar. The trek is split up into four sections, with the first part being a 10 km stretch through the rolling slopes and meadows of the Lidder Valley, ending at the campsite of Lidderwat. The second stretch is 7 km to reach Shekwas, followed by a 1-hour walk to Marar Lake, which is surrounded by lush vegetation and snow-capped mountains. Finally, the trek ends at the 15 km-long Marsar Lake, surrounded by meadows, streams, and a variety of flora and fauna. It takes 4 to 5 hours to complete the entire trek.

Is Tarsar Marsar Trek Safe?

Since 2016, the valley has seen a massive upsurge in its tourism industry, with millions of visitors and trekkers traveling to the region. This surge has been facilitated by the involvement of educated youth in the sector, as well as the Department of Tourism Kashmir receiving accolades for managing the highest number of tourists in 2021. With regards to the safety of the Tarsar Marsar Trek, the area is populated by tourists during the summer months, with the route being busy with trekkers, porters, and mules carrying loads. Notwithstanding, it is not suggested to go on a solo trek as hazardous wildlife such as brown and black bears, leopards, and venomous vipers can be encountered.

Take in the sight of lush meadows scattered with vibrant wildflowers, cross a river with a wooden bridge, encounter some of the friendliest people, witness a river merging with a glacier, go for a run with a herd of sheep, be amazed every morning by the view, and explore a hidden lake between mountains. This trek offers an incredible opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Kashmir and the joy of the simple things. Cliffhangers India can provide you with expert guidance for trekking in Kashmir. Please visit our official page for the complete itinerary of the Tarsar Marsar Lakes Trek.

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