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Kashmir Off-Road Tour

The constant hustling in life leaves you with almost no time for introspection and rejuvenation. Traveling is an activity that can soothe your otherwise clogged mind. Whether beaches or mountains are your preferred landform, the key idea is to go out for vacation whenever you find the time to do so. In this article, the focus would be on the boundless beauty pouring out from the mountains. When we are talking about mountains, how can we miss talking about one of the most visited places in India and that is- Kashmir?

Seated as the crown of India, Kashmir has immense beauty reflected at all corners. You can discover its inexhaustible beauty solo, with your partner, family, or friends. While one knows about popular locations situated in Kashmir such as Pahalgam, Sonamarg, Gulmarg, etc., there are other hidden spots such as Warwan Valley, Tutmari Gali, etc., which are yet to be explored. For such an unconventional form of traveling, Kashmir Off-Road Tour is the perfect option for you.

An exciting Kashmir Off-Road Tour package is offered by Cliffhangers India, a well-known travel agency within Kashmir. Best services at affordable rates are provided by Cliffhangers India.

Best Kashmir Off-Road Places

Covering the terrain of Kashmir most naturally and sustainably is once in a lifetime opportunity and hence, we have come up with some interesting suggestions in terms of places that you can visit in Kashmir. Below is a list of off-road places in Kashmir that you can visit-

Teetwal Village of Karnah- The simple and peaceful life of villages is quite attractive for travelers. The Teetwal village of Karnah is located in the Kupwara district. It is one such place that reflects the rustic side of Kashmir. The Kishanganga River, a tributary of River Jhelum, divides the Teetwal village into two- one side being part of India and the other part being in Pakistan.

Keran of India- The scenery of Keran is splendid. You would lose yourself in the alluring beauty of Keran. Keran is located in the Kupwara district of Kashmir. The Neelam River (or the Kishanganga River) flows through Keran, forming the Line of Control between India and Pakistan. Keran has not been explored much as a tourist site hence, visiting this place is no less than a wonder.

Warwan Valley- Himalayas is a prominent feature in the north of India. The mountains and valleys surrounding Kashmir make you spellbound. One of the key attractions in Kashmir is the Warwan Valley (Kishtwar district). Warwan Valley is one of the sought-after treks in Kashmir. The fascinating atmosphere makes the entire trekking expedition quite enjoyable.

Machil Kupwara- Machil village is situated almost 56 kilometres away from the Kupwara district of Kashmir. Located at an altitude of 2450 meters, Machil is a quaint village surrounded by extensive mountains and awestruck valleys. You can visit Machil to vibe with the tranquil surrounding and spend some quality time with yourself, your partner or family members, or friends.

Tutmari Gali- Situated at an altitude of approximately 3345 meters, Tutmari Gali is a nature paradise. Though the region remains mostly unexplored by tourists, the Tutmari Gali is a peaceful place where you could find dense forests, chirping birds, clear skies, etc. The encircling region is a must-visit place when opting for a Kashmir off-road tour.

When to go for Kashmir Off-Road Tour?

Awareness about the climate of a place is important before visiting it. The same goes for Kashmir Off-Road Tour as well.

Since Kashmir is a mountainous region, the climate is generally found to be moderately cool. But, going for an off-road tour might be difficult for you due to the unfavourable climatic conditions of Kashmir during the winter season. Hence, the summer season in Kashmir which is from mid-April to mid-June is an ideal time to opt for an off-road tour in Kashmir. The temperature during the summer season ranges from 18 to 22 degrees Celsius which is quite pleasant for traveling.

When going through the description of the aforementioned places, one can say that Kashmir has so much more to offer than one can read or know through mainstream travel media. Though you must visit popular sites in Kashmir but even unexplored destinations also need its due attention.

Cliffhangers India would act as a facilitator in making your traveling experience an enriching one. Do visit this heavenly beauty at least once and you would surely want more for it.

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