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Explore Leh Ladakh in November

Ladakh is a Union territory of India and Leh is Ladakh’s capital city. Leh Ladakh is a mountainous terrain situated in the north of India. As it is located in the extreme northern region of India, Leh Ladakh experiences severe cold weather during winter. The winter in Ladakh begins in October and goes on till February.

The month of November falls in the winter season and it is very cold in Leh Ladakh in November. The important connecting roads like the Manali Leh Highway and the Srinagar Leh Highway get closed by mid November due to heavy snowfall in this region in winter and reaching by road to Leh is not possible. Yet there are many travel enthusiasts who want to visit Leh Ladakh in November. They can reach Leh in November by taking a direct flight to Leh from any major city of India and reach the Rimpochee Kushok Bakula Airport, Leh.

As November has become one of the chosen months to travel to Leh Ladakh by those who want to explore and experience the winter thrill, Cliffhangers India brings to you this blog on Leh Ladakh in November.

What is Special about Leh Ladakh in November?

Snowfall: Leh Ladakh in November is filled with snow. The region gets covered in snow. The temperatures range from 10°C to -3°C increasing the chances of snowfalls. TheThe nights are extremely cold and can be an amazing experience for those who want to enjoy the chill or who come to Leh Ladakh from the hot and humid regions of India or other parts of the world. Visitors to Leh Ladakh in November can enjoy snowfall, snow sports, frozen lakes, views of snow leopards and much more. Overall, visiting Leh Ladakh in November can be enticing.

Ladakh’s Festivals in November: Ladakh celebrates many festivals which are a gateway to knowing more about the lifestyle, culture and heritage of Ladakh and Buddhism. Two famous festivals which are celebrated in Leh Ladakh in November are Thiksey Gustor at Thiksey Monastery and Chemrey Wangchok at Chemrey Monastery. Both these festivals can be enjoyed by the visitors of Leh Ladakh in November.

Winter Wildlife: Another distinct feature of Leh Ladakh in November is watching the wildlife in Ladakh. The camouflaged animals of Ladakh are a unique sight and one of a kind experience. You can spot the Snow Leopards, Eurasian Ibex, Marmot, Tibetan Argali sheep (Nyan), Tibetan Wild Donkey, Tibetan Bharal (blue sheep), and Tibetan Urial sheep (shapo) are a few of the most prevalent animals in Ladakh.

Treks in Leh Ladakh in November: Leh Ladakh experiences heavy snowfall in November and by the end of November this region gets covered in a thick layer of snow. Trekking in such conditions can be challenging and exciting. The famous and feasible treks in Leh Ladakh in November are the Nubra Valley Trek, Pangong Tso Lake Trek and Tso Moriri Trek.

Now that you might be interested in knowing how to reach Leh Ladakh in November? Here are a few important travel details:

Road transport to reach Leh via Manali Leh Highway and Srinagar Leh Highway may remain closed in November. Hence, it is highly recommended for the travellers to opt for Air transport. You can take a direct flight to Leh from most cities in India. The Rimpochee Kushok Bakula Airport, Leh is the famous airport of Leh. Taxis, SUVs, Jeeps, etc. can be hired from there to reach other places in Ladakh since the Internal roads in Ladakh remain open. But the internal roads too may be kept closed during heavy snowfall. Hence, one has to be ready to extend one’s travel time if the need be when visiting Leh Ladakh in November.

Hope you liked reading about Leh Ladakh in November. We wish you a happy time whenever you visit Leh Ladakh. The people and culture of Leh Ladakh is very sweet and you would carry awesome memories with you on your return journey back home. Stay tuned to the blogs by Cliffhangers India for more information about Leh Ladakh. Contact Cliffhangers India anytime to book a Leh Ladakh tour package for you and your loved ones today.

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