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Top Lesser-Known Things to do in Ladakh

Ladakh is well-known for both its unique culture and stunning natural surroundings. The landscape of the area is characterized by high, snow-covered peaks, chilly deserts, and enormous glaciers. Then there are a number of beautiful lakes and rivers that attract visitors and offer a variety of rafting alternatives. There are some activities you must do while visiting Ladakh, in addition to river rafting and sightseeing tours of the area's stunning tourist destinations. A happy and exciting journey to Ladakh is guaranteed with Cliffhangers India.

Best Things to Do in Ladakh

A vacation to Ladakh can be exciting and challenging to organize. What, where, and how should I do? And there are undoubtedly many more questions that come to mind. So, if it's your first time visiting Ladakh, make sure to engage in these fascinating activities and discover the customs and culture of the region.

Hemis Festival

You haven't truly experienced Ladakh's intensity and magnetism if you haven't seen the dance play, which features vibrant costumes and menacing masks. Visit the Hemis Festival in Ladakh if you want to be dazzled by vibrant dances.

Spituk Gompa Trek

The exquisite historical monastery is known as Spituk Gompa is perched on a hill. It's one of Ladakh's odd monasteries and a great place to explore for people with an adventurous spirit. This place appears to be a decent vantage point given the erratic mountains surrounding it.

Chadar Trek

Do you wish to cross ice-covered water? If so, when you're on vacation in Ladakh, go for a hike along the Frozen River. One of the most popular activities in Ladakh, this walk offers spectacular sensations. While strolling here, you will also be able to see panoramic views of frozen valleys, and the tranquil atmosphere will make you fall in love with this spot. It is One of the best things to do in Leh.

Nubra Valley

Another fantastic thing to do in this region is to travel to Nubra Valley. The region, which is 140 km from Leh, is renowned for its magnificent beauty and audacious missions. The rushing Shyok and Nubra rivers must be crossed in order to access the valley, which is also home to several magnificent monasteries. The region is regulated by the military because Siachen Base Camp is nearby. Another draw of the place is the fascinating Bactrian camel rides.

Donkey Sanctuary

Is it unexpected that you would go to Donkey Sanctuary while on vacation? Despite the fact that it may appear absurd, there are lots of intriguing reasons to visit the location. The sanctuary provides the geographic circumstances necessary for a good life for the aged and ill donkeys of the area as well as medical attention.

Ladakh Harvest Festival

This is an annual phenomenon that typically occurs in September and lasts about two weeks. A vibrant march from Leh to Polo Ground travels to honor the occasion. An enormous festival featuring ceremonial attire, music, and cultural displays is taking place. The masked dances performed by the lamas of the revered monasteries are even more exciting to watch. Learn about several competitions, including polo, archery, and wedding events. Celebrating your trip here is one of the memorable things to do in Ladakh. Cliffhangers India will provide you with the best guides for a memorable experience.

Camel Safari- Hunder

Our next Ladakh activity is a ride on a double-humped Bactrian camel at the Hunder Sand Dunes, which is possible because of the area's breathtakingly beautiful Shyok and Nubra Rivers. Lamayuru

If you want to sit among stunning mountains and watch the stars twinkle, this is the place for you. The little village of Lumayuru, sometimes referred to as Moonland of Ladakh, lies 100 km from Leh on the Srinagar to Leh highway. The main attraction in this area is the Tibetan Buddhist Monastery. You can see nature here at its most exquisite. People travel here from all over the world to enjoy what nature has to offer. A few of the best Ladakh resorts are also close by.

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